Helpless Soul
Один смотрит в лужу и видит лужу, а другой, глядя в лужу, видит звезды.
Do you wanna date my avatar?
Do you wanna date my avatar?
Hang with me in my MMO,
So many places we can go,
You'll never see my actual face,
Our love, Our love will be in virtual space.
I'm craving to emote with you,
So many animations I can do,
Be anything you want me to be,
Come on, come on share a potion with me.
Do you wanna date my avatar?
She's a star
and she's hotter than reality by far
Wanna date my avatar.
You can type command,
I've got (slaps through) what I hold in my hand,
Don't care within your character bank,
How about, how about a little tanking spank.
Grab your mouse and storke the keys,
Here in cyberspace there's no disease,
Take your time, (send a tount ?) for me
Just pay, Just pay a small subscription fee.
Single white human, looking for group?
My stat's so high, you'll be out of the loop.
Yaa, an uber leet staff that you can't equip 'coz your mouth up ladies is pure mure myth
I'm a picture based fantasy a man so (stiller ??)
I hack and slash, who the heck's for (heroic ??)
Check me out, cloak, armour, fits me like a glove, just twitter a time, I'm ready for love.
I'm ready for love.
Hang with me in my MMO,
So many places we can go,
I'm better than a real world quest,
You'll touch my plus five to dexterity wrist.
What role do you wanna play,
I'm just a click away night or day,
And if you think I'm not the one,
Log off, lof off and we'll be done.